#9: Meatloaf Pizza Recipe 2/24/10

Meatloaf Pizza

My mom makes the best meatloaf! In college my roommate and I used to drive up from Geneseo just for meatloaf night. Of course, we enjoyed the company of my parents too. I made my mom’s meatloaf this past Sunday and there were plenty of leftovers. Normally I would just eat leftover meatloaf every night until it was gone because it’s just that good, but this week I decided to make meatloaf pizza.

It was difficult to figure out what type of sauce I should use with this one because marinara would be weird and what goes with meatloaf? I brushed the dough with canola oil, added mozzarella cheese and topped it with chopped meatloaf. It turned out to be a little dry but so good! You could really taste the flavors of the meatloaf and I will definitely use this recipe again next year.


2 responses to “#9: Meatloaf Pizza Recipe 2/24/10

  1. Holly Anderson

    This one intrigued me. I think about what I like as a condiment on my meatloaf and I like mustard, Worcestershire sauce, bar-b-q sauce and even catsup. (Spell check is not liking catsup. What’s with THAT?)

    It made me wonder what a catsup/Worcestershire sauce mixture would taste like, using a mild cheddar shred as a topping. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. And maybe tiny diced onions sprinkled over the sauce prior to dropping the bits of meatloaf?

    Can I have your Mom’s meatloaf recipe? What’s her trick? We have a good one, but no one ever came home from college because of it. 🙂

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