#10: Kelly’s Pizza Recipe 2/27/10

Pesto Prosciutto Pizza

Andrew and I had his parents over for dinner today. I planned on making pizza and I asked for their pizza preferences. Ron told me they like healthy ingredients; he remembered mushrooms were out of the question because Andrew doesn’t like them, and he requested no octopus or bananas. This was disappointing because I was planning on testing out my new banana, octopus concoction that I had just perfected! I was however, excited to try a variation of a healthy pizza recipe from the book my friend, Nicole, got me for Christmas. My pizza included sun-dried tomato pesto, spinach, mozzarella cheese and prosciutto to top it off. The sun-dried tomato pesto was a nice change from my normal marinara, but no worries Prego, I am not abandoning my favorite sauce. This pizza was excellent and was super healthy!


2 responses to “#10: Kelly’s Pizza Recipe 2/27/10

  1. Wow, this sounds awesome! I am going to make this one night very soon! We are always looking for “different” pizzas ourselves. Great site!

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