#10 ½ : Molly’s Meatball Pizza Recipe 3/6/10

Molly Meatball Pizza

My sister Molly is a budding chef. She usually makes desserts for family gatherings; they are always fantastic! There must be a pizza-loving gene in our DNA because she loves pizza almost as much as I do. We spent the afternoon together and we ended up making pizza. I’m turning over the computer to her to blog about her pizza.

The pizza Suz and I made is a meatball pizza. I love meatballs just like I love pizza, so why not combine them? The trick is to sprinkle cheese on the pizza after you put the meatballs on. (To make the meat balls extra cheesy!) When I took my first bite, I was amazed at how good the pizza was! The perfect balance of cheese, meatballs, and sauce!  Three words: Best. Pizza. Ever.


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