#12: Sloppy Joe Pizza Recipe 3/13/10

Sloppy Joe Pizza

When I hear Sloppy Joe’s I immediately think of the movie Billy Madison and elementary school Sloppy Joe’s. It seems like they get a bad rap, but I think deep down we all secretly liked the messy sandwiches. Andrew never ate a school Sloppy Joe so he doesn’t have the same memories. He used to make them in his early twenties, except rather than the meaty mess I remember he used a vegetarian mix he found in Nature’s Market at Wegmans. He had a craving for them this week so I got past the nasty image of them being served up to Billy Madison at lunch time, and after Andrew sang a few rounds of “Sloppy Joe’s, Slop, Sloppy Joe’s” I agreed to try them once again. I followed the mix recipe and also added some chopped onions. The sandwiches turned out pretty good, definitely better than I remember. In the midst of chewing I had the idea for a Sloppy Joe pizza. Andrew was so excited he would have another chance to sing his song this weekend. The leftovers were enough to spread a thick layer over the pizza dough. I topped it with shredded sharp cheddar cheese. After baking, the pizza looked like a pretty typical pizza but it tasted like the best Sloppy Joe EVER! We will definitely be singing again in the future: “Sloppy Joe’s, Slop, Sloppy Joe’s”!


2 responses to “#12: Sloppy Joe Pizza Recipe 3/13/10

  1. Yum! Leftovers make the best pizza! I had some roasted red peppers (jar) and some leftover pesto sauce from a pasta dish. Griffin and I were home alone one night so we decided to make individual pizzas using Naan Bread as the base. We spread the pesto to cover it… sliced the red peppers and laid them on top… added a few fresh asparagus spears that I had blanched slightly… sliced some fresh mozzarella for the topping… and we were in business. Let’s hear it for leftovers!

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