#20: Imagine RIT Pizza Recipe 4/30/10

Imagine RIT Pizza

Tonight Andrew is doing the final planning for Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival which will be held at Rochester Institute of Technology, Saturday May 1 from 10:00am-5:00pm. As he and several of his right-hand men/women are getting prepped for tomorrow, I was inspired create an Imagine RIT pizza recipe. To represent the colors of the Imagine RIT logo I used white mozzarella cheese, yellow and orange peppers sliced in roundish pieces, and red pepperoni. I then attempted to lay out the toppings in a similar fashion as the logo. This was slightly challenging due to the shape and texture of the toppings, but I think it looks pretty good compared to the image. I’m sure that Andrew and his comrades are in need of a delicious dinner break so I’m off to deliver this Imagine RIT pizza to campus. I hope to see you at the festival!


4 responses to “#20: Imagine RIT Pizza Recipe 4/30/10

  1. Nicky Colligan

    The pizza looks great and absolutely delicious!! Nice job.

  2. The logo likeness is very good – pizza art/graphics is a great idea – a good alternative to cake decorating!

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