#38: Roast Beast Pizza Recipe 7/31/10

My father’s birthday was this week so today we had the family over to a little pizza party. He’s had a unique influence on my cooking style. As someone who believes, “the stranger the food the better,” (e.g. he taught me to make “Fart” soup), he has unknowingly inspired me to take risks and get creative with my cooking. And that I did.

This week we received beets and green beans in our food collective batch. Having discovered that beets on pizza taste great, we thought why not give green beans a try too? I roasted the beets and beans with canola oil, salt and pepper. I slathered the leftover horseradish spread on the dough and topped that with Swiss cheese. Then I tossed on sliced roast beef, the beets and lastly the green beans. I took a moment to assess whether or not this would be strange enough for my dad and decided it had to be. Well, he loved this recipe and seemed very proud of the lesson he has passed down to me, “The stranger the food the better.”


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