New Adventures of a Girl Who Loves Pizza

My 52 Pizzas project was so much fun and I clearly met my goal. I loved the challenges of creating new pizzas, I loved the feedback I got from my readers and I loved sharing my creations with my husband and our guests. With all that love I knew I had to come up with a new project and a new name for my blog. I received some great ideas from many of you, but in the end I decided on because it isn’t specific to a particular project, but it speaks to something that will remain the same in all my projects: I’m a girl that loves pizza!

Now for the new project. I am a big Man v. Food fan. I really think I can take Adam in couple of his challenges, most obviously the pizza challenges. But, one of my favorite parts of the show is learning about the cities he visits and what food has become associated with each city. This inspired my idea.

For my next pizza project, I am going to pick a city, learn what food that city is famous for and turn that food into a pizza! I can’t wait to get started. As with my last project, I am always open to ideas. Can you think of a city that is known for a certain kind of food? What would you think if I turned that food into a pizza? Check back soon, my first adventure takes us to Cincinnati!


8 responses to “New Adventures of a Girl Who Loves Pizza

  1. I can’t wait to read about more amazing pizzas!!! 🙂

  2. WOW! Can’t wait for the new challenge! Best of luck to you Suz!

  3. San Francisco = Sourdough Bread
    Chicago = Deep Dish Pizza
    Manhattan = Clam Chowder (Red)
    NYC = Cheesecake
    Boston = Baked Beans
    New England = Clam Chowder (Boston has this covered, too.)
    New Orleans = Po’Boy or Anything Creole… e.g. Jambalaya!
    Baltimore = Crab Cakes
    Buffalo = Chicken Wings and Beef-on-Weck
    Rochester = White Hots, French’s Mustard, Garbage Plate
    Philadelphia = Cheesesteak
    Miami = Cuban (Sandwich)
    San Diego = Fish Tacos
    Lastly… though the entire Northwest is noted for Salmon, I’ve never had it as good as it is in Seattle.

  4. I have been to (and eaten great food) at all of those wonderful places except for, believe it or not, Chicago and New Orleans. We’ve flown through Chicago…and eaten their deep dish pizza there… but I’m thinking the airport might not be a reliable source for their famous pizza… on the other hand, San Francisco capitalizes on their sour dough bread fame and the stuff they sell to outgoing travelers at the airport is just as great as down on the waterfront. I think I could leave this life happy without seeing Chicago, but I’d love to visit New Orleans sometime.
    There is no place that does Cubans quite like Miami. Tom and I skirted Miami on the way to Key West sometime between Ian and Morgan’s birth. By the way, Key West has the best Key Lime Pie… but I didn’t think you’d want to make a Key Lime Pizza (unless it was a dessert pizza).
    I have to say that San Francisco and Seattle (Starbuck’s #1) were and remain my favorite places to visit. And Ocracoke.
    Ocracoke is known for it’s Fish Chowder… Spanish Mackerel and lots of Hatteras clams.
    When you go international, let me know. 🙂

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