Cincinnati Skyline Chili Pizza Recipe

The romantic history of Cincinnati Skyline chili began in 1912 when immigrant Nicholas Lambrinides arrived in America from Greece. He worked in several kitchens and opened his own diner in order to earn enough money to bring his wife to Cincinnati. Lambrinides and three of his five son opened the first Skyline Chili restaurant in 1949 after he had mastered his secret chili recipe. After Lambrinides’ death, the family business was bought out by an investment firm, but the integrity of the chili recipe remains unchanged.

To help kick off my new project our friend Jeffrey flew in from Cincinnati, Ohio. Along with his contagious energy, Jeffrey brought with him two cans of Skyline chili all the way from its birth place. This chili is quite different from traditional chili because it includes chocolate and cinnamon. Skyline Chili is often used as a sauce over pasta or hot dogs. I have eaten it the traditional way and was really looking forward to creating a Cincinnati Skyline Chili pizza recipe.

For the pizza I made my traditional dough and sauteed a white onion. I spread the chili on the dough as I would sauce, sprinkled on cheddar cheese and topped that with the chopped onions. The aroma of the pizza while cooking was mouth watering! Before we dug in Jeffrey informed us of the proper way to eat Cincinnati chili. In his experience it was eaten on a hot dog and then topped with a mountain of cheddar cheese. So we sliced the pizza and loaded on even more cheese, nothing wrong with that! The Skyline Cincinnati pizza recipe turned out to be a success. It was delicious and the leftovers, well there weren’t any…


One response to “Cincinnati Skyline Chili Pizza Recipe

  1. Great Site Suz!
    I must say that was one amazing pie!
    I love the new site! Best of luck and I will keep you posted in my travels of new ideas!
    Talk soon….

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