Zweigle’s Pizza Recipe

Rochester, NY

The Zweigle family started making sausage in Rochester over 125 years ago and their “white hot” has become a staple on the barbeque grills of Rochestarians since its introduction in 1925. The popularity of the white hot has spread across the New York and into other eastern states, but its home will forever be Rochester, NY. Growing up I remember that my dad and my brother loved the white hots, but my favorite were the red hots. For my Zweigle’s pizza recipe I decided I’d use both!

I cooked two white hots and two red hots then sliced them into bite sized pieces.zweigles pizza recipe After pre-baking the dough I spread on a thin layer of ketchup, sprinkled on cheddar cheese, then arranged the hot dog bites. After cooking for about ten minutes I took out the pizza, then Andrew artistically drizzled yellow mustard on the top. If you like Zweigle’s then you’d love this pizza! The only thing it was missing to be  the perfect cheesy hot dog was relish.


3 responses to “Zweigle’s Pizza Recipe

  1. Love it! I crave Zweigle’s white hots…whenever we are back in Rochester or my Mom comes to visit, we stock up! Currently we are out…otherwise I’d have to attempt this pizza.


  2. I can’t say that I know of any particular food that Culver, Indiana is known for, but there are some great restaurants, a beautiful lake similar to one of the Finger Lakes and we have the Culver Academy. We’re close to South Bend and not too far from Chicago.

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