Spiedie Pizza Recipe

Binghamton, NY

Every August Binghamton locals, visitors and celebrities gather together to compete for 1st place in the Spiedie (SPEE-dee) Cooking Contest at Spiedie Fest. Contestants bring their original Spiedie recipe and marinate either poultry, pork, beef, venison or lamb for competition. Spiedie marinade recipes vary depending on the creator but usually include vinegar, olive oil and a selection of spices from it’s country of origin, Italy.

There are a number of spiedie marinades available in our local grocery store, but I went with Salamida Original State Fair Spiedie Sauce because this was the first company to bottle the sauce back in 1975. I marinated chicken, grilled then chopped it into bite sized pieces. To compliment the flavors of the marinade I sauteed bell peppers and onions. I spread marinara sauce on the dough, sprinkled on cheddar cheese and the toppings, then put it in the oven to bake. My Spiedie pizza recipe tasted great! Spiedie marinade is delicious and definitely worthy of its own festival.


One response to “Spiedie Pizza Recipe

  1. Sounds AMAZING!!! 🙂

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