Andrew’s Top 5 Pizzas from 2010

As Susanne’s husband, I am often asked about which of her pizza creations is my favorite. It’s difficult to select just one, so while she prepares her top 10 list for 2010, I thought I would share five of my favorites. – Andrew

#8 Macaroni and Cheese Pizza Recipe 2/14/10
I love Susanne’s pizza and I love her mac and cheese. It only took until Valentine’s Day for her to give in and create this carb heavy recipe.

#14: The Quagliata Pizza Recipe 3/27/10
Brie is one of my favorite cheeses; I could eat an entire block in one sitting. Combining Brie with kalamata olives and capicola was brilliant.

#24: Moe’s Pizza Recipe 5/26/10
Susanne uses a tasty salsa and marinara mixture on every Mexican-inspired pizza that she creates. Using left-overs from Moe’s Southwest Grill, most notably their queso dip, this one was a winner!

#41: Pulled Pork Pizza Recipe 8/7/10
Inspired by Susanne’s mom’s pulled pork recipe and her Uncle Al’s BBQ sauce recipe, this pizza is one that I hope Susanne will create again in 2011.

#46: Grilled Potato Leek Pizza Recipe 8/22/10
If you told me this would be one of my favorite pizzas at the start of this project I probably would have laughed. But, after our participation in the Good Food Collective, I have come to appreciate so many more vegetables on my pizzas. The potatoes and leeks with Fontina and mozzarella cheeses on a crust prepared on our barbeque grill was delicious.


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