Top Ten Pizzas of 2010

It has almost been one year since I began my 52 Pizzas Project. I never imagined that when I blogged about my first pizza in January that I would exceed my goal of creating a new pizza recipe each week in 2010. Instead, I created my fifty-second pizza in September and kept on going. My current project is off to a great start; I’ve selected eight cities, found out what food each city is famous for and turned those dishes into unique pizzas. As the year comes to an end I thought I would share with you my ten favorite pizzas from 2010. In no particular order…

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza Recipe 2/14/10
This was the pizza that stretched my thinking about trying pretty much anything on a pizza. I was completely opposed to the idea when Andrew requested it, but it turned out to be incredibly delicious and remains one of my favorites.

Kelly’s Pizza Recipe 2/27/10
The sun-dried tomato pesto sauce on this pizza hooked me on using sun-driedtomatoes in many of my other pizza recipes. I loved the sauce along with the cheese, prosciutto and spinach and I really loved that my in-laws enjoyed my pizza as well!

The Quagliata Pizza Recipe 3/27/10
This pizza was the most flavorful and unique pizzas I have made and the one I use as a comparison for all others. It also happens to be one of the most visited pages on this blog. The flavors of the brie, kalamata olives and capicola married perfectly together.

Deep Dish Pizza Recipe 4/17/10
Most of my pizzas used the same dough recipe so creating dough for the deep dish was a fun challenge. I also tried a few new ingredients that all tasted amazing together. Maybe I’ll make this one again when I get to Chicago for my current project!

Pesto Pizza Recipe 6/4/10
Pesto has been one of my favorite flavors for as long as I can remember. My mother usually put it on pasta, but putting it on pizza combines my two favorites foods. Heaven.

BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe 7/11/10

The sweetness of the BBQ sauce and the red onion complimented each other beautifully. This is an ideal summer pizza.


Chicken Fajita Pizza Recipe 7/29/10
This is the pizza I make for guests most often when I make multiple pizzas and as a result is the pizza I have made more times than any other. The flavors of the marinated chicken, the salsa/marinara mixture and the cheddar cheese together are so gratifying.

Pulled Pork Pizza Recipe 8/7/10
Using my mom’s pulled pork recipe and my Uncle Al’s BBQ sauce recipe I made the most delicious pulled pork pizza. At times I struggle when choosing the cheese to go on a pizza, but the Colby Jack cheese was definitely the right accompaniment to the tender and juicy pork.

Grilled Sun-Dried Tomato, Olive and Asiago Pizza Recipe 9/5/10
The rumors are true, grilled pizza is awesome! The grill gives the dough a light, smoky flavor. And the tastes of the sun-dried tomatoes, olives and Asiago cheese were the perfect tastes for summertime. This is my most favorite vegetarian pizza.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe 11/14/10
Buffalo Chicken Wing PizzaThis mouthwatering pizza had just the right amount of Buffalo wing sauce, blue cheese dressing and chicken. I would watch a whole lot more football if I could eat this every game!


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