Toasted Ravioli Pizza Recipe

Toasted Ravioli Pizza

St. Louis, MO
Toasted ravioli are cheese stuffed pasta that are breaded and fried in oil. Originally, a sweeter version of these ravioli were a Christmas treat in Sicily. Today, many restaurants in St. Louis list toasted ravioli as a main dish or appetizer on their menu. Considering how much we like to fry things in this country, I’m surprised I have not seen this dish on more menus around the United States.

I may have shied away from carb heavy pizzas a year ago but my opinion on them has really evolved. Macaroni and cheese on pizza is good. French fries on pizza are good. Taking ravioli, frying it and putting it on pizza must be good.

To create toasted ravioli, I dipped cheese ravioli in egg, then in a bread crumb and parmesan cheese mixture. Next, I cooked them in about 3 Tbs of oil in  a pan until they were golden brown. I pre-baked the dough, spread on marinara sauce, sprinkled on mozzarella cheese and then added the toasted ravioli. Before the pizza went in the oven I sprinkled parmesan cheese on the top.  Then I let it bake for about 15 minutes.

The flavor of the bread crumbs combined with the cheese from the ravioli, the mozzarella and parmesan cheeses all tasted delicious together. The finished product tasted a bit like what I imagine placing mozzarella sticks on top of a pizza would taste like. Hey, there’s an idea! To sum up, my toasted ravioli pizza recipe was amazing comfort food; just perfect for a cold winter night.


2 responses to “Toasted Ravioli Pizza Recipe

  1. Pizza and ravioli… 2 of my FAVORITE foods… mouth watering… 🙂

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