Kansas City BBQ Pizza Recipe

Kansas City, MO

The humble beginnings of barbecue in Kansas City can be traced to a trolly barn over 100 years ago when a rack of ribs could be purchased for only 25 cents. A tomato based sauce with a sweet and tangy flavor make Kansas City BBQ unique.

Last summer I made a Pulled Pork Pizza using my Uncle Al’s BBQ sauce recipe and it was delicious. For tonight’s pizza I chose a Wegmans Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce that had all the right ingredients. We’ll see how they compare. Although, I’m guessing that Uncle Al’s might come out on top.

The night before, I baked a pork tenderloin with a bottle of Pepsi for about an hour. Then I pulled a bit of it apart with a fork in order to let some of the juices soak in overnight. In the morning I pulled the rest of the tenderloin apart, then let it soak for a few more hours. Once the pork was nice and juicy I put it in a crock pot with half a bottle of Kansas City BBQ sauce and let that simmer for an hour. While the aroma from the crock pot encouraged my hunger, I pre-baked the dough, slathered on a thin layer of BBQ sauce, sprinkled on sharp cheddar cheese and then topped it with the BBQ pork. I probably could have eaten it right then and there but I resisted and let the pizza bake for ten minutes.

I wish I had the camera in hand when Andrew took his first bite. It looked like he was praying! My Kansas City BBQ pizza was fantastic!!! I think the key to the deliciousness of this pizza was the combination of the Kansas City BBQ Sauce and the cheddar cheese. While the sauce was tasty, I think my Uncle Al’s BBQ sauce combined with cheddar cheese might actually be prayer inducing!


4 responses to “Kansas City BBQ Pizza Recipe

  1. Hey Suz,

    It sounds like a perfect pizza, (another one). I do not feel worthy of your accolades, but appreciate them. Come on out to Indiana and lets make some pizza!

    Uncle Al

  2. Ooh! I want to come and eat some of that pizza when the 2 of you get together!!!! 😀

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