New York Style Pizza Recipe

New York, NY

Finding out what food cities are famous for and turning those foods into pizza has been a fun adventure so far this year. When I think of New York City I think of pizza. So for this week I decided to make my own New York style pizza. I have the same memory from each of my visits to the Big Apple: walking down the street while eating a thin crust traditional New York style slice. I can still feel the grease trickle from a folded slice down my wrist and to my elbow.

To begin, I rolled my dough thinner than usual, then pre-baked it. Next, I spread on a layer of sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. Last I covered the pizza with the toppings. This week I used capicola, baby bella mushrooms, spinach and roasted red peppers because they taste great together and offer a healthy alternative to some of my most recent pizza creations. After the pizza was done baking I sliced it and we dug in. The veggies were fresh and tasted great with the capicola and mozzarella cheese. My New York style pizza recipe didn’t include the grease, but it was a delicious alternative to the Big Apple’s famous food.



4 responses to “New York Style Pizza Recipe

  1. Yum! Griffin and I are about to concoct one of our favorites… an Indian-Greek-Italian Fusion. Naan Bread, pesto, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzerella, capicola, kalamata olives… and a hungry belly.

    Thanks for keeping us in your pizza cities loop!

  2. Sounds very good suze. If you are looking for new ideas you should try my new pizza recipe:
    1. try to make pizza for your mother in law
    2. drop dough on floor
    3. rinse dough off under water
    4. try to dry off dough with paper towels
    5. realize that was a stupid idea and spend 20 minutes trying to peel paper towel off dough
    6. enjoy paper dough pizza yum!

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