Virginia Ham Pizza Recipe

Smithfield, VA

Hams have been cured in Smithfield, Virginia for over two centuries. The colonial town founded in 1752 is home to the Smithfield Packing Company and is known as the “Ham Capital of the World.” Only ham cured, treated, smoked, and processed in the town of Smithfield can carry the name “Smithfield Ham.”

smithfield hamI like to prepare a nice Smithfield Ham on occasion and really enjoy it with a side of broccoli. This got me thinking that a ham and broccoli would make a good pizza so I gave it a shot. I heated a small brown sugar cured ham in the oven and then sliced and diced it into bite sized pieces. Next, I spread marinara sauce onto the pre-baked dough, then sprinkled on cheddar cheese and steamed broccoli.

The ham was tender and the broccoli was cooked just right. I wasn’t sure how I would like ham and marinara sauce together, but with the cheddar cheese and broccoli to accompany it, the pizza turned out delicious!


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