The Healthy Italian Pizza Recipe

For some reason I was in the mood for lasagna earlier today so I bought the ingredients to make a summertime lasagna. I thought this would be a nice dish to prepare for RJ, one of Andrew’s former students/flag football teammates, but at the last minute I remembered a pizza adventure I had been wanting to try. I have made over 100 unique pizzas, but somehow I have never made a pizza with ricotta cheese. Tonight would be the night.

In addition to the ricotta cheese I had also picked up Italian sausage at the store. We had an abundance of yellow squash and a nice bunch of basil from our CSA, The Good Food Collective.  To begin, I sliced one yellow squash and white onion and then sauteed them. I also browned the sausage in a pan. While that all cooked I used a blender to combine ricotta cheese, fresh garlic and basil. It smelled and looked pretty similar to a pesto sauce. After pre-baking the dough I spread on the cheese mixture, then topped it with the Italian sausage, yellow squash and onions. I then let it bake for about 10 minutes.

I always enjoy having guests over on nights I am making a new creation so that if it is a good pizza they can enjoy in the experience with us. Well this pizza was a winner! The ricotta cheese mixture tasted fantastic with the flavors of the fresh squash and the Italian sausage.  The flavors were rich but that didn’t stop us from eating most of the pizza. Another thing I like about having guests over for new pizza creations is giving them the the honor, or the pressure, of naming the new pizza. When given the reigns RJ quickly settled on The Healthy Italian.  Overall, my Healthy Italian pizza recipe made for another delicious summer pizza!


6 responses to “The Healthy Italian Pizza Recipe

  1. YUMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmY! Sorry I missed this one! 🙂

  2. I bet it does! The whole thing sounds AMAZING!

  3. It was great seeing you yesterday! I do LOVE your pizza blog. I am wondering, out of all the pizzas you’ve made, have you decided to tweak any of them? Or is there one that just was a “never again” sort of pizza? I am wondering if you’ve ever tried using fruit… like a brie and pear blend on a light sort of sauce…or a peach mango salsa… or any other crazy mixtures. Your blog gives me lots of “food for thought” (pardon the pun!)

    • Hi Holly! It was great seeing you too, and what a nice shower! Your future daughter-in-law is so sweet! I’m glad you love the blog. I have tweeked several of my pizzas, Buffalo chicken wing, my pesto based pizzas and anything using BBQ sauce. I have repeated many and have tweeked them slightly each time. The one that stands out in my mind as won’t repeat “as is” would be the Boston Baked Bean pizza. It wasn’t bad, I just know I could do it a lot better, but there are just so many more that I would want to do first. I’ve used fruit a few times, apples twice, a fruit dessert pizza and most recently pineapple. They were all delicious and opened my mind to using fruit on future pizzas. I have so many ideas, I really could make a pizza most nights with all of my ideas and repeating the ones I love the most. Keep reading and giving me feedback, I really appreciate it!!!

  4. I am SERIOUSLY thinking that you should do a cookbook. I think it would be a hot seller.

    The reason I ask about pear and brie is that Open Face, an awesome little restaurant in the South Wedge, has a pear and brie sandwich that we all love here at my office. They use a preserve on it too. Tasty! Definitely a dinner “flavor” rather than dessert. My sister (your step-mom), Carol, used to love cheese and jelly sandwiches as a child. Of course the cheese back then was velveeta. I can’t believe the stuff the manufacturers used to call food. Poor Gram.

    Keep the pizza coming!

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