Guacamole Pizza Recipe

Guacamole Pizza

Do you have a standby recipe for nights when you don’t like to cook? One of my standbys is layer dip. Individually the ingredients aren’t that bad for you and together they taste so good. I was curious to see what layer dip might be like on pizza so I gave it a shot this week and have to say that my guacamole pizza is one of the most dense and filling pizzas I’ve made. I was surprised that I was able to recognize all the distinct flavors after baking the pizza. It tasted like layer dip with a crispy, chip-like crust.

While pre-baking the dough, I prepared the guacamole by combining one avocado with store bought guacamole mix. Then, I used my potato masher to smash a can of pinto beans and mixed the beans with taco seasoning. To assemble the pizza I spread a thin layer of the smashed pinto beans on the dough, followed by a thick layer guacamole. Then I added a layer of salsa and cheddar cheese. Finally, I topped the pizza with a few chopped onions and sliced black olives. I’m thinking Guacamole pizza might give layer a dip a run for the money at our Super Bowl party this year.


4 responses to “Guacamole Pizza Recipe

  1. YUM-o-la.

    FYI… Mashed avocado with a little sea salt and ground pepper… and a couple of teaspoons of fresh salsa (Dairy or Produce)… a squeeze of lime if you have it… is all you need for guac! No need for the envelope.

    I had a vegetarian black bean burger at Hogan’s today that was to die for! They took the burger, topped it with jalepenos and melted cheddar, served with a spicy red chili aioli… and it was SO good. Reading about your pizza made me remember my lunch.

    Now I am going to meet my hubby for dinner at a nice little Italian restaurant near the Bay.

    Keep these coming!

  2. This sounds so good I wish I could eat the picture!!! Keep up the yummy creativity, Cuz!!!! 🙂

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