Navy and Kidney Bean Pizza Recipe

Navy & Kidney Bean Pizza

I celebrated the start of February with a heart healthy pizza and will wrap up the month the same way.  Navy beans and kidney beans are an excellent source of fiber, protein, and calcium. Both beans help regulate blood sugar levels, which was of particular interest to me for this pizza because one of my guests struggles with diabetes.

After pre-baking my homemade dough (50% spelt, 50% white flour), I spread on a little of my homemade pizza sauce and sprinkled on cheddar cheese. I topped the pizza with kidney beans, Navy beans, cilantro (another food that regulates blood sugar), green peppers, and onion.

I’ve found that cilantro can overpower other flavors, but on this pizza it complimented the flavors very well. My Navy and kidney bean pizza was a hit and I am certain I’ll experiment with beans on pizza again.


8 responses to “Navy and Kidney Bean Pizza Recipe

  1. You had me until… cilantro. I’m definitely not a fan of cilantro. Parsley yes, cilantro no.

  2. beans on pizza! What an interesting idea! I’m going to have to try this recipe!

  3. I’m not a cilantro fan either, but substituting parsley always seems to do the trick. 🙂 Interesting pizza combination!

  4. I usually use parsley in place of cilantro too.

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