Chicken and Bok Choy Pizza

Chicken Bok Choy Pizza

Bok Choy is Chinese cabbage widely used in Asian cuisine. The green leaf vegetable is high in vitamin A and C and best of all, it holds up well under the high  temperatures required for baking pizza.

1. Prehead the oven to 500 degrees
2. Grill two chicken breasts that have marinated in Asian BBQ sauce
3. – Steam the bok choy
3. Pre-bake homemade dough on a pizza stone for 4 minutes
4. Spread Asian BBQ sauce on crust
5. Sprinkle on a generous portion of shredded cheddar cheese
6. Top the pizza with sliced grilled chicken and bok choy
7. Bake for 8 minutes

Andrew’s little brother came over for this pizza. His favorite pizzas have been my Garbage Plate pizza, pulled pork pizza, and spicy meat pizza, so it was funny to see him devour a bok choy pizza with grilled chicken. It must have been good because there weren’t any leftovers!


2 responses to “Chicken and Bok Choy Pizza

  1. Interesting! I never thought about putting bok choy on a pizza. I may give it a try some time.

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