White Garlic and Broccoli Pizza Recipe

White Garlic and Broccoli Pizza

What happens if you bake your pizza on a cold stone? I pre-heated the oven without the pizza stone this week and learned there are a few noticeable differences.

First, normally when I pre-bake the dough on a hot stone it gets air bubbles and crispy in about four minutes. On the cold stone the dough kept its form and needed closer to seven minutes to pre-bake, and even then it was soft and stuck to the stone.

Second, the pizza on the cold stone took about 5 minutes longer to bake after I added the toppings.  Third, the pizza cut differently. Normally it cuts right through the crispy crust. This time it took a little more muscle to get through the softer crust.

My white garlic and broccoli floret pizza was light and fluffy, much like pizzeria crust. The flavors of the minced garlic, fresh mozzarella cheese, and crushed red pepper were great! Even though my impromptu experiment with the crust turned out to be a delicious success, I still prefer the crispy crust that comes from pre-heating my pizza stone.


3 responses to “White Garlic and Broccoli Pizza Recipe

  1. MMMmmmmmm… Sounds YUM-My! Looks great too! Awesome photo! 🙂

  2. Broccoli on pizza is my favorite! This recipe looks great.

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