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Four Cheese Pizza Recipe

Four Cheese Pizza

Four Cheese Pizza


  • BelGioioso Freshly Shredded Four Cheeses: Asiago, Fontina, Parmesan, and Provolone
  • Homemade pizza sause
  • Homemade pizza dough

It’s been almost two years since I made a four cheese pizza, and one year since I’ve eaten real dairy cheese. What a simple pizza recipe! The cheese combination was strong but tasty and went well with my homemade pizza sauce. I was so excited to eat my first real cheese pizza after a year without, that I only let the dough rise for 30 minutes when it really needs at least an hour. When it baked the crust didn’t get as fluffy as it usually does. Despite the slightly dry, flat crust it was a good pizza.


Quattro Formaggio Pizza Recipe

Washington, DC

If you ask ten people what food Washington, DC is famous for you are likely to get ten different answers. Our nation’s capital has a number of landmark restaurants like Ben’s Chilly Bowl and Clyde’s, but on a recent stay in Georgetown I was struck by the number of hometown pizzerias.

Inspired by visits to Pizzeria Paradiso and Paolo’s Ristorante I decided to select pizza as the food Washington, DC is famous for and make my own version of Quattro Formaggio.

I began by roasting several cloves of garlic. To do this I cut the tops off the cloves of garlic, drizzled olive oil over the cloves, wrapped it in foil and baked it in the toaster oven for 30 minutes. When that was finished I mashed the garlic with a fork and spread it on the dough. Next, I sprinkled on fresh mozzarella, Fontina, Gorgonzola and Pecorino cheeses. The pizza baked for 10 minutes and the cheeses turned beautiful golden color. The rich flavors of the cheeses along with the milder flavor of the roasted garlic tasted fantastic together. My Quattro Formaggio pizza recipe was a savory dish!

Milwaukee Brats Pizza Recipe

Milwaukee, WI

My current pizza project has started with a number of familiar cities, but this week I ventured into unknown territory at the recommendation of my cousin Dawn. She informed me that Milwaukee is known for their bratwurst, beer and cheese. In my research I learned that Milwaukee has a large population of people with German ancestry.  Fred Usinger, a German sausage maker, immigrated to  Milwaukee in the 1870s and within a short time began operation of his own sausage company on Third Street. Over 140 years later, the Usinger name is still associated with bratwurst.

Knowing that beer is another staple in Milwaukee, I bought bratwurst that was poached in beer and Fontina cheese, produced by BelGioioso of Wisconsin.

I sliced the brats and browned them in a pan. To go with the beer brats I used sauerkraut (which we were a little hesitant about) and jazzed it up by adding sauteed onion and chopped apple. I sprinkled the Fontina cheese on the dough, added the sauerkraut mixture and lastly the bratwurst. Andrew and I have been pleasantly surprised in the past when I have added unfamiliar items to our pizzas. Today was no exception. The beer brats had a great flavor that complimented the cheese and the sauerkraut flavors incredibly well. We loved this pizza! Thank you Milwaukee for some new and delicious ingredients for our pizza.

#46: Grilled Potato Leek Pizza Recipe 8/22/10

My back-up grilled pizza recipe was inspired by the potato leek soup my dad used to make when I was a child. In addition to leeks, we received potatoes from the food collective this week. Andrew sliced and grilled these and set them aside. Again, I sprayed canola oil on the rolled out dough and laid it on the grill pan, let it cook for a few minutes and then flipped it. We did a team assembly of the pizza, topping it with marinara, Fontina and mozzarella cheeses, the leeks and potatoes.

Both pizzas turned out great! I was worried about burning the dough, but I made sure to keep a close eye on them and all turned out well. The grilling pan we picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond especially helped. My pizza crust is typically thin and crispy, but on the grill it was even thinner. It seems that cooking on the grill allows more air to penetrate the dough, ultimately creating a lighter and might I add tasty grill flavored crust. To top it off, the cheese melted just right and the flavors really jumped off both pizzas. I will definitely be creating a few more grilled pizza recipes to enjoy in the last weeks of summer.

#45: Grilled Eggplant Pizza Recipe 8/22/10

I’ve been told that grilled pizza is all the rage. So, I finally convinced Andrew we needed to buy a barbeque grill so we could get in on the fun. I was pretty nervous about attempting a grilled pizza because I have no experience grilling anything. In the case that we screwed this up, I created two pizza recipes this afternoon.

Eggplants and leeks came in our food collective this week. Andrew grilled these veggies and set them aside. I rolled out the dough, then sprayed it with cooking oil and laid it on a grill pan for about three minutes. Andrew and I carefully flipped the dough and then assembled the toppings, which consisted of marinara sauce, fresh oregano, Fontina and mozzarella cheeses, and finally the grilled veggies. After about four minutes on the grill we transferred the pizza to a different pan and set it on the top rack of the grill to let the cheese melt while we made the other pizza. Check out my next blog entry for details on the results!

#44: Summer Veggie Pizza Recipe 8/20/10

In addition to preparing a special pizza for my Uncle Oak I prepared a pizza recipe with my Aunt Bevy in mind. Bev loves fresh vegetables so I decided to create a summer veggie pizza recipe that would be light and fresh.

My mom brought cherry tomatoes and basil from her garden. I sautéed baby portabellas and scallions in a pan with canola oil. After I spread on a thin layer of marinara I sprinkled on freshly shredded Fontina cheese and then the toppings.  Rather than use the pizza stone, I prepared the summer veggie pizza recipe to bake on a metal pan, which resulted in a light and fluffy crust. This pizza was delicious and tasted very fresh and healthy.

#36: Horseradish Squash Pizza Recipe 7/28/10

I have started to make more than one pizza when we have company so in addition to the Cheeseburger pizza I prepared the Horseradish Squash pizza. While picking up pickles for the Cheeseburger pizza we found a jar of garlic horseradish spread that was calling our names.

I spread that on the dough, topped it with mozzarella and Fontina cheeses and some sliced summer squash. The sweet and spicy aroma from this pizza quickly filled the kitchen and stoked our hunger.  While eating this pizza, the spice from the horseradish caught me off guard on a couple of bites, but I kept going back for more because it tasted so great!