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Chipotle Chicken Pizza Recipe

It isn’t often that we host dinner guests without dietary restrictions or special topping requests, but when we hosted Andrew’s friend Liz for dinner she seemed pretty adventurous. I really enjoy making first time visitors an original creation so this gave me the opportunity to try out my idea of making pizza with chipotle ranch sauce.

First I marinated chicken cutlets in a chipotle sauce. While Andrew grilled the chicken cutlets I concocted a sauce for the pizza by combining ranch dressing and the chipotle marinade used on the chicken. I also sliced and sauteed jalapeno peppers and red onion. After pre-baking the pizza dough I spread on the sauce, sprinkled on mozzarella cheese, the grilled chicken,  jalapeno peppers and onion. I let the pizza bake for about 10 minutes until the cheese was just turning brown.

The grilled chipotle chicken tasted fantastic with the sauce and jalapeno peppers! We all agreed that we liked the tasty kick of my chipotle ranch chicken pizza recipe!


Chimichanga Pizza Recipe

Chimichanga Pizza

Tuscon, AZ
Tuscon natives refer to their city as the Mexican food capital of of the U.S. and one of their most popular Mexican dishes is the chimichanga. There are several claims of how the chimichanga was invented but Monica Flin’s story is most compelling. In 1922, Flin opened El Charro Cafe in Tuscon, AZ. While working in the kitchen she accidently dropped a burrito in the deep fryer. She started to curse,  but when she realized she had a young audience in the kitchen with her she said “chimichanga” instead. The fried burrito turned out to be a hit and the name stuck. El Charro Cafe is still serving their “Legendary Chimichanga” along with just about every other Mexican dish you can imagine.

Fried Tortillas

Typically, a chimichanga is prepared by filling a flour tortilla with a variety of ingredients such as shredded meats, beans, rice, and cheese. Then it is folded and dipped in a deep fryer. I figured I couldn’t fry the pizza.  That would be gross, super unhealthy and really difficult so the fun part of this project was making sure I got to the heart of the chimichanga. I decided to slice a whole wheat tortilla into thin strips and fry the strips in canola oil, then place them on the pizza after baking.

I started creating the pizza by browning ground turkey with diced onion. I mixed in La Preferida Enchilada Sauce and sliced olives, then spread the left over sauce on the pre-baked dough. Next, I sprinkled a thin layer of cheddar cheese on the sauce, topped that with the meat mixture, and lastly I sprinkled on some Mexican cheese. When the pizza was finished baking I topped it with the fried tortilla strips and chopped green onions. I served the pizza with sour cream on the side.

In the past I have made some pizzas that have been good, but I probably wouldn’t make them again. This wasn’t one of them; it was awesome! The red chili sauce tasted delicious with the ground turkey, olives and cheeses. And the fried tortillas gave the pizza that notorious chimichanga flavor, without being too unhealthy. Move over Chicken Fajita pizza, my Chimichanga pizza recipe is definitely my new favorite Mexican pizza!

California Burrito Pizza Recipe

Sacramento, CA
If you walk into Adalberto’s Mexican Food in Sacramento, CA and order a California Burrito you might be surprised when you take your first bite. What makes a California Burrito different from any other burrito you ask? In addition to beans, salsa and cheese, you’ll find streak and french fries. Genius!
Our friend Lauren calls Sacramento home and she grew up enjoying this west coast guilty pleasure so we invited Lauren to indulge in my California Burrito Pizza recipe.
I started by  seasoning the strip steak with garlic salt and pepper. Then grilled it. After pre-baking the dough, I spread on a mixture of salsa and marinara, sprinkled on Mexican cheese, the beans and the steak. Prior to assembling the pizza, I baked the french fries to make sure they got crispy. After adding the other toppings I threw on the french fries and another sprinkling of cheese. I knew Andrew and I would love this pizza. It was a burrito with french fries made into a pizza; come on now. But I was looking forward Lauren’s opinion since she has had the real deal. She loved it too. She did comment that mine tasted healthier, less greasy than the typical Adalberto’s California burrito. This pizza was so good I think I may need to take a trip to Sacramento to try the original!