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#49: Grilled Steak, Pepper and Onion Pizza Recipe 9/5/10

With the days of summer winding down and our schedules growing increasingly busier, we decided to use our last weekend before school starts to grill pizza once again. Using veggies from the food collective and the skirt steak I picked up at the store I created my Grilled Steak, Pepper and Onion pizza recipe.

I marinated the skirt steak using a homemade teriyaki sauce consisting of Worcestershire sauce (which was a substitute for the soy sauce we didn’t have), brown sugar, vinegar, oil, and minced garlic. After the steak soaked up the juices, Andrew grilled it, along with the peppers and onions. We did a quick review of the crucial steps for grilling the pizza and got to work. I sprayed the dough I had previously rolled out with canola oil and laid it on the grill pan. We flipped it after about two minutes. Then we tag-teamed the assembly of the toppings, which included marinara, Monterey Jack cheese, peppers, onions and the skirt steak. After about three minutes we set it on the top rack so the cheese could finish melting.

Just like our first grilled pizzas, this one turned out to taste fantastic! Andrew is a master griller because the veggies and the steak were delicious and went perfectly with the Monterey jack cheese. My Grilled Steak, Pepper and Onion pizza recipe was another success!


#42: Chili Queso con Carne Pizza Recipe 8/16/10

Tonight we had a repeat guest, but not a repeat pizza. Steve has shared several of my pizzas, including one of our favorites, Moe’s pizza. Well tonight’s pizza recipe definitely topped it. I sautéed ground beef with Worcestershire sauce and red onion, inaddition to creating the most delicious queso dip I have ever tasted. First, I roasted jalapeño, Serrano and Poblano peppers. Then I mixed in vinegar, honey, olive oil, salt and pepper. Meanwhile, I melted Monterey Jack cheese in some other goodies and mixed the whole thing together. I spread a thin layer of marinara sauce on the dough, poured the queso dip on and sprinkled the burger mixture on top of that. The pizza was so delicious! Super un-healthy but worth it because it tasted so good.

#35: Turkey Burger Pizza Recipe 7/28/10

I love a good cheeseburger. Every time I drive by a Red Robin or Five Guys I want to stop. When Andrew told me that our guest for the evening, one of his classmates that is from China, really enjoys American fare, I decided it was time to put together a Cheeseburger Pizza recipe.

Having already had beef three days earlier, I wanted to go with ground turkey for this burger pizza. I added some flavor and spices to the ground turkey and sautéed it with chopped onions. I spread marinara on the dough, Monterey Jack cheese, the turkey mixture and topped it with some pickle slices. Then I turned over my creative hat to Andrew as he decorated the baked pizza with mustard and ketchup. Our turkey burger pizza with all the fixins turned out to be a hit. It definitely satisfied my burger cravings for a while!