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#25: Hummus and Roasted Veggie Pizza Recipe 5/29/10

Almost half way to my goal of 52 pizzas I still love the challenge of creating a non-traditional pizza without marinara. So after I made White Bean Pizza #21 I was really looking forward to my Hummus and Roasted Veggie Pizza recipe. The most common way to enjoy hummus is as a dip with veggies or on a wrap, but of course I thought, “Why not on a pizza?” Tribe is our brand of choice, and for this pizza I used the cracked chili pepper hummus because it has a little kick. One lesson I learned from making my White Bean pizza was that beans hold in heat when baked and a thin layer holds a lot of flavor. So to avoid burning my mouth again, I spread the hummus on pretty thin. Then I sprinkled on mozzarella cheese, and finished topping this tasty pizza with roasted zucchini, onion, and red pepper. I definitely recommend this pizza to anyone interested in trying looking for a healthier pizza or just something different!