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Steak and Pepper Jack Pizza Recipe

Steak and Pepper Jack Pizza


  • Grilled organic strip steak (seasoned with salt and pepper)
  • Sauteed sliced onion
  • Pepper jack cheese
  • Homemade pizza sauce
  • Homemade pizza dough

Garbage Plate Pizza Recipe

Garbage Plate Pizza

The Garbage Plate Pizza I created in 2010 received pretty solid reviews from Andrew, Tyler, and the guys installing our new floor, but I knew my recipe would benefit from eating an actual Garbage Plate at Nick Tahou’s Hots.

For my second attempt at the Garbage Plate Pizza I needed to figure how to improve the hot sauce. I figured out that I needed to cut the tomato paste, use less all spice and cinnamon and more black and cayenne pepper. The other important ingredients include paprika, chili powder, cumin, and salt.

Here’s how to assemble the pizza:
1. Spread the ground beef and hot sauce on pre-baked crust
2. Top with browned home fries
3.  Sprinkle on mozzarella cheese
4. Bake the pizza
5.  Drizzle ketchup and mustard
6. Top the pizza with cold macaroni salad

Note that the photo was taken before I put mac salad on the pizza. I put the Garbage Plate pizza out at a small get together and it went fast. Everyone from Rochester really appreciated it; those from out of town really wondered why we were devouring pizza covered in ground beef, home fries, and mac salad.

Steak, Peppers, Onions Pizza Recipe

Last summer I created a delicious grilled steak pizza. I was reminded of it while Andrew was grilling steaks for dinner one night, and quickly convinced Andrew to save some steak for a repeat of that delicious pizza.

I marinated the steaks in a similar homemade teriyaki marinade that I used last summer. It consists of soy sauce, brown sugar, vinegar, olive oil and minced garlic. This marinade is super easy to make and tastes fantastic on beef or chicken. After snatching some steak from the grill I sliced it into bite sized pieces, along with peppers and onions. Andrew has been craving pepper jack cheese lately and I thought it would go great on this pizza. I threw everything on top of a layer of marinara sauce, then baked it for about 10 minutes.

Pepper jack cheese was definitely the right choice for my Steak, Peppers and Onion pizza recipe. The kick of the cheese complimented the juicy, savory flavors of the teriyaki sauce on the steak. Another great summer steak pizza has joined the list!

Chicken Fried Steak Pizza Recipe

Oklahoma City, OK

Chicken Fried Steak is the official state meal of Oklahoma. If you visit Oklahoma City you’ll be sure to find CFS on the menu of almost every establishment. Most of the recipes I have turned into pizzas to date have been dishes that I have eaten at some point or another. But this pizza presented a different challenge because I’ve never had CFS!

I started by tenderizing bottom round steak. I placed each piece of steak between two pieces of plastic wrap, then pounded them with a rolling pin. This part was pretty fun and kind of cathartic. Next, I sliced the meat into bite sized pieces. In prep for frying the steaks I set up three bowls. The first contained all purpose flour, salt and pepper. The second bowl held one egg and a splash of water. The third bowl held Heart Healthy Bisquick baking mix. I chose Heart Healthy hoping it would make up for some of the frying! I dipped the steak bits in each of the three bowls before I dropped them into a pre-heated pan with canola oil in it. The steak pieces cooked for about three minutes on each side until they were golden brown. When finished, I kept them warm in the toaster oven while I made the gravy.

I used drippings from the steak, whisked in flour and some skim milk. After it had thickened and simmered for about 5 minutes I added a bit of parmesan cheese. To assemble the pizza I spread on the thickened gravy, arranged the bite sized pieces of chicken fried steak, then sprinkled on some more parmesan cheese.

The pizza smelled delicious while baking and it tasted even better. I haven’t eaten at Kentucky Fried Chicken since I was 10. But, I swear the steak had that distinct fried/biscuit flavor that I remember fondly. We made sure to use restraint when eating this pizza so we didn’t overload on the fried goodness of the steak and the hearty gravy, but we definitely enjoyed my chicken fried steak pizza!

California Burrito Pizza Recipe

Sacramento, CA
If you walk into Adalberto’s Mexican Food in Sacramento, CA and order a California Burrito you might be surprised when you take your first bite. What makes a California Burrito different from any other burrito you ask? In addition to beans, salsa and cheese, you’ll find streak and french fries. Genius!
Our friend Lauren calls Sacramento home and she grew up enjoying this west coast guilty pleasure so we invited Lauren to indulge in my California Burrito Pizza recipe.
I started by  seasoning the strip steak with garlic salt and pepper. Then grilled it. After pre-baking the dough, I spread on a mixture of salsa and marinara, sprinkled on Mexican cheese, the beans and the steak. Prior to assembling the pizza, I baked the french fries to make sure they got crispy. After adding the other toppings I threw on the french fries and another sprinkling of cheese. I knew Andrew and I would love this pizza. It was a burrito with french fries made into a pizza; come on now. But I was looking forward Lauren’s opinion since she has had the real deal. She loved it too. She did comment that mine tasted healthier, less greasy than the typical Adalberto’s California burrito. This pizza was so good I think I may need to take a trip to Sacramento to try the original!

Garbage Plate Pizza Recipe

Garbage Plate Pizza

Rochester, NY
In 1918 Nick Tahou founded the restaurant that would create one of Rochester’s best known dishes. Almost a century later Rochestarians still flock to Tahou’s to devour its namesake, the Garbage Plate. Many local restaurants have jumped on the bandwagon, but having trademarked the name you can only have a real “Garbage Plate” at Nick Tahou’s.

I am a little bit embarrassed to say I have never had a Garbage Plate, but in my college days I witnessed plenty being eaten. In retrospect, I probably should have taken the plunge and dug into one as “research” for my Garbage Plate Pizza recipe.

The hot sauce is what I was told makes the plate. I googled Nick Tahou’s hot sauce and found several recipes that were exactly the same and I thought they had to be right. But this is where my “research” would have been helpful as the recipe called for tomato paste, all spice and cinnamon. The hot sauce wasn’t very hot and was a bright shade of red which didn’t look anything like the pictures or plates I had seen being eaten. But I continued anyhow. After pre-baking the dough I spread on a thick layer of the hot sauce which included ground beef and onions. I sprinkled on mozzarella cheese and then a layer of home fries. I let this bake for about 15 minutes and then took it out to put on the finishing touches. In the center of the pizza I heaped on macaroni salad and then Andrew drizzled on ketchup and mustard.

The Garbage Plate Pizza was one of the most massive pizzas I have made yet, getting all the components in one bite was a challenge, but we met that challenge. The pizza was absolutely fantastic! The sauce was definitely not the right sauce to use and was not hot either, but it was still delicious. I would like to take another crack at my Garbage Plate pizza recipe and definitely do a little “research” beforehand. I’m sure Andrew will be up for some “research” as well!

Cincinnati Skyline Chili Pizza Recipe

The romantic history of Cincinnati Skyline chili began in 1912 when immigrant Nicholas Lambrinides arrived in America from Greece. He worked in several kitchens and opened his own diner in order to earn enough money to bring his wife to Cincinnati. Lambrinides and three of his five son opened the first Skyline Chili restaurant in 1949 after he had mastered his secret chili recipe. After Lambrinides’ death, the family business was bought out by an investment firm, but the integrity of the chili recipe remains unchanged.

To help kick off my new project our friend Jeffrey flew in from Cincinnati, Ohio. Along with his contagious energy, Jeffrey brought with him two cans of Skyline chili all the way from its birth place. This chili is quite different from traditional chili because it includes chocolate and cinnamon. Skyline Chili is often used as a sauce over pasta or hot dogs. I have eaten it the traditional way and was really looking forward to creating a Cincinnati Skyline Chili pizza recipe.

For the pizza I made my traditional dough and sauteed a white onion. I spread the chili on the dough as I would sauce, sprinkled on cheddar cheese and topped that with the chopped onions. The aroma of the pizza while cooking was mouth watering! Before we dug in Jeffrey informed us of the proper way to eat Cincinnati chili. In his experience it was eaten on a hot dog and then topped with a mountain of cheddar cheese. So we sliced the pizza and loaded on even more cheese, nothing wrong with that! The Skyline Cincinnati pizza recipe turned out to be a success. It was delicious and the leftovers, well there weren’t any…