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New York Style Pizza Recipe

New York, NY

Finding out what food cities are famous for and turning those foods into pizza has been a fun adventure so far this year. When I think of New York City I think of pizza. So for this week I decided to make my own New York style pizza. I have the same memory from each of my visits to the Big Apple: walking down the street while eating a thin crust traditional New York style slice. I can still feel the grease trickle from a folded slice down my wrist and to my elbow.

To begin, I rolled my dough thinner than usual, then pre-baked it. Next, I spread on a layer of sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. Last I covered the pizza with the toppings. This week I used capicola, baby bella mushrooms, spinach and roasted red peppers because they taste great together and offer a healthy alternative to some of my most recent pizza creations. After the pizza was done baking I sliced it and we dug in. The veggies were fresh and tasted great with the capicola and mozzarella cheese. My New York style pizza recipe didn’t include the grease, but it was a delicious alternative to the Big Apple’s famous food.



#14: The Quagliata Pizza Recipe 3/27/10

The Quagliata Pizza

I am so grateful to my husband for coming up with the idea for “52 Pizzas.” He is brilliant. The pizzas keep getting better and better and I am having such a great time trying new combinations of foods. Most of my pizzas to date have included mozzarella, cheddar or parmesan cheese, but this week I wanted to branch out in my cheese selection. Andrew loves, LOVES Brie. I read somewhere about combining Brie and capicola, a meat I never had before, but thought it sounded interesting. Andrew explained to me what capicola is, that got my wheels turning. Two additional toppings came to mind; olives and garlic. We usually eat olives out of a can but this time I went all out and bought olives in a jar! Well worth it. It has taken me many years to develop a taste for olives so Andrew noted my response when sampling them, “Holy crap, these are good.” I bought hot capicola, an excellent choice. We usually buy President Brie, but the cheese guy at Wegmans suggested their own Brie, another excellent choice and it saved me a dollar.

For this creation I roasted a garlic bulb, mashed it with olive oil and spread it on the pizza dough. I sliced the olives, capicola, Brie, and tossed it all on the dough. We weren’t sure how the Brie would melt, and in retrospect it should have been sliced much thinner because it didn’t spread as much as I would have liked it to.

Now it may not make for the prettiest picture, but “The Quagliata” may be my favorite pizza yet. It was outstanding! This pizza recipe is named after my father-in-law, Terry Quagliata, for his love of all the ingredients used. This pizza was so good that Andrew delivered the last couple of slices to his dad so he could enjoy his namesake. Terry just called and gave me his seal of approval!