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Fig Pizza Recipe

Fig Pizza

February is heart health month so today’s pizza is a healthy one. This pizza includes two ingredients I have not used before: figs and pistachios. First, I ate my share of Fig Newtons when I was a kid, but have never been much of a fig person. The health benefits of figs are undeniable; they are high in fiber and full of iron. Second, pistachios, which help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar are great on salad, but they are an ingredient I had never considered putting on a pizza before today. To add to the health benefits of this pizza, I also included spinach, which has flavonoids and carotene that protects against some cancers.

Here’s how I created this pizza. I started by spreading a mixture of sauteed shallots and olive oil on my homemade pre-baked pizza crust. Then, I sprinkled on mozzarella cheese and chopped spinach, pistachios and figs before baking it on my pizza stone for 10 minutes at 500 degrees.

I thought the figs might be too sweet, but this pizza turned out nicely. This was a vegetarian pizza that even a meat lover would enjoy. It was light, but packed full of flavor. Lastly, and it’s just a small thing, but I like the way I chopped the spinach in small strips for this pizza and will use this method when I make pizza with spinach in the future.