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Pork Chop Pizza Recipe

Pork Chop Pizza

Pork chop pizza is fairly unique on its own, but using apple sauce as a base makes this pizza pretty special. I thought the apple sauce might make the dough soggy, but the crust remained light and crispy. The apple sauce stayed sweet and tart and complemented the pork chop and caramelized onions so well.

I started by caramelizing the onions in pan over medium heat. Then I seasoned a pork chop with salt and pepper and grilled it on my George Foreman Grill. To assemble the pizza I spread a generous portion of Santa Cruz Organic Apple Apricot Sauce across the pre-baked dough. Next, I sprinkled mozzarella cheese over the apple sauce. Finally, I topped the pizza with a sliced golden delicious apple, caramelized onions, and the pork chop. If I make this pizza again I think I’ll use a cheese with more flavor – perhaps Swiss cheese.