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Thanksgiving Pizza Recipe

Thanksgiving Pizza

The menu for the day after Thanksgiving usually includes a turkey sandwich for lunch and turkey casserole or turkey soup for dinner. But this year I decided to forgo the traditional recipes and turn the leftovers from one of my favorite meals of the year into a pizza.

Our Thanksgiving day leftovers included mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, roasted vegetables, and turkey.  I pre-baked my dough and then spread on a layer of mashed potatoes. Then I added the stuffing, corn, and mixed vegetables. Next, I cut the turkey into small pieces and arranged it on top. I put the pizza back in the oven for 10 minutes, removed it, and then drizzled on some warm gravy.

Special credit goes to my mother-in-law who cooked this wonderful Thanksgiving meal and gave me the leftovers. My day after Thanksgiving pizza was like having Thanksgiving dinner all over again. The turkey remained moist, the flavors from  the apple in the stuffing popped, and the veggies were just right. I hope my Thanksigiving pizza recipe becomes an annual tradition.


Chicken Fried Steak Pizza Recipe

Oklahoma City, OK

Chicken Fried Steak is the official state meal of Oklahoma. If you visit Oklahoma City you’ll be sure to find CFS on the menu of almost every establishment. Most of the recipes I have turned into pizzas to date have been dishes that I have eaten at some point or another. But this pizza presented a different challenge because I’ve never had CFS!

I started by tenderizing bottom round steak. I placed each piece of steak between two pieces of plastic wrap, then pounded them with a rolling pin. This part was pretty fun and kind of cathartic. Next, I sliced the meat into bite sized pieces. In prep for frying the steaks I set up three bowls. The first contained all purpose flour, salt and pepper. The second bowl held one egg and a splash of water. The third bowl held Heart Healthy Bisquick baking mix. I chose Heart Healthy hoping it would make up for some of the frying! I dipped the steak bits in each of the three bowls before I dropped them into a pre-heated pan with canola oil in it. The steak pieces cooked for about three minutes on each side until they were golden brown. When finished, I kept them warm in the toaster oven while I made the gravy.

I used drippings from the steak, whisked in flour and some skim milk. After it had thickened and simmered for about 5 minutes I added a bit of parmesan cheese. To assemble the pizza I spread on the thickened gravy, arranged the bite sized pieces of chicken fried steak, then sprinkled on some more parmesan cheese.

The pizza smelled delicious while baking and it tasted even better. I haven’t eaten at Kentucky Fried Chicken since I was 10. But, I swear the steak had that distinct fried/biscuit flavor that I remember fondly. We made sure to use restraint when eating this pizza so we didn’t overload on the fried goodness of the steak and the hearty gravy, but we definitely enjoyed my chicken fried steak pizza!