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Chipotle Chicken Pizza Recipe

It isn’t often that we host dinner guests without dietary restrictions or special topping requests, but when we hosted¬†Andrew’s friend Liz for dinner she seemed pretty adventurous. I really enjoy making first time visitors an original creation so this gave me the opportunity to try out my idea of making pizza with chipotle ranch sauce.

First I marinated chicken cutlets in a chipotle sauce. While Andrew grilled the chicken cutlets I concocted a sauce for the pizza by combining ranch dressing and the chipotle marinade used on the chicken. I also sliced and sauteed jalapeno peppers and red onion. After pre-baking the pizza dough I spread on the sauce, sprinkled on mozzarella cheese, the grilled chicken,  jalapeno peppers and onion. I let the pizza bake for about 10 minutes until the cheese was just turning brown.

The grilled chipotle chicken tasted fantastic with the sauce and jalapeno peppers! We all agreed that we liked the tasty kick of my chipotle ranch chicken pizza recipe!