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Chicken Fajita Pizza Recipe

Chicken Fajita Pizza

Chicken Fajita Pizza


  • Grilled chicken (shredded)
  • Sautéed red onions
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Homemade pizza sauce mixed with salsa
  • Homemade pizza dough

Notes: Chicken fajita pizza is one of my staples. The difference between this version and one I posted a couple years ago is that the chicken for this pizza was cooked on the grill and I used mozzarella cheese rather than cheddar cheese.


Guacamole Pizza Recipe

Guacamole Pizza

Do you have a standby recipe for nights when you don’t like to cook? One of my standbys is layer dip. Individually the ingredients aren’t that bad for you and together they taste so good. I was curious to see what layer dip might be like on pizza so I gave it a shot this week and have to say that my guacamole pizza is one of the most dense and filling pizzas I’ve made. I was surprised that I was able to recognize all the distinct flavors after baking the pizza. It tasted like layer dip with a crispy, chip-like crust.

While pre-baking the dough, I prepared the guacamole by combining one avocado with store bought guacamole mix. Then, I used my potato masher to smash a can of pinto beans and mixed the beans with taco seasoning. To assemble the pizza I spread a thin layer of the smashed pinto beans on the dough, followed by a thick layer guacamole. Then I added a layer of salsa and cheddar cheese. Finally, I topped the pizza with a few chopped onions and sliced black olives. I’m thinking Guacamole pizza might give layer a dip a run for the money at our Super Bowl party this year.

California Burrito Pizza Recipe

Sacramento, CA
If you walk into Adalberto’s Mexican Food in Sacramento, CA and order a California Burrito you might be surprised when you take your first bite. What makes a California Burrito different from any other burrito you ask? In addition to beans, salsa and cheese, you’ll find streak and french fries. Genius!
Our friend Lauren calls Sacramento home and she grew up enjoying this west coast guilty pleasure so we invited Lauren to indulge in my California Burrito Pizza recipe.
I started by  seasoning the strip steak with garlic salt and pepper. Then grilled it. After pre-baking the dough, I spread on a mixture of salsa and marinara, sprinkled on Mexican cheese, the beans and the steak. Prior to assembling the pizza, I baked the french fries to make sure they got crispy. After adding the other toppings I threw on the french fries and another sprinkling of cheese. I knew Andrew and I would love this pizza. It was a burrito with french fries made into a pizza; come on now. But I was looking forward Lauren’s opinion since she has had the real deal. She loved it too. She did comment that mine tasted healthier, less greasy than the typical Adalberto’s California burrito. This pizza was so good I think I may need to take a trip to Sacramento to try the original!

#53 Omelet Pizza Recipe 10/17/10

The idea for this pizza came from one of my younger readers, Michael. The budding chef suggested I create an omelet pizza recipe. I loved the idea so we had pizza for breakfast this weekend. In preparation for the pizza I scrambled eggs and cooked sausage and bacon. I spread a mixture of marinara sauce and salsa on the dough, topped it with mozzarella cheese and arranged the eggs, sausage and bacon. This pizza was delicious and such a nice change from my standard cereal at breakfast time. I love the idea of having pizza for breakfast, but I wonder what else could I put on a breakfast pizza? Thanks Michael!

#37: Chicken Fajita Pizza Recipe 7/29/10

Mexican-style food is staple on the menu in my kitchen. I rarely go a week without preparing burritos, quesadillas or taco salad. I’ve had a lot of practice preparing Chicken Fajita pizza because I used to make it quite frequently before I started the 52 Pizzas Project. Andrew’s graduate school advisor visited us for dinner tonight and he seemed pretty open to eating any type of pizza so Andrew requested this one because we haven’t had it in a long time. While having a new pizza every week is great, one of the downsides is we don’t often make time for repeats of our favorites.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I am not very confident when it comes to cooking meat, especially chicken, and it often comes out dry and over done. This habit of mine is improving and tonight the chicken turned out pretty tasty and was juicy when I shredded it with a fork. I spread salsa and marinara on the dough, topped it with cheddar cheese, shredded chicken and sautéed red onions. This was a fantastic repeat and still one of our favorite recipes. We had a night of good food and great company.

#34: Bacon Cheeseburger with Fried Green Tomatoes Pizza Recipe 7/25/10

Rachel Ray is one of my most significant cooking influences. She seems down to earth, she makes mistakes and laughs about them, and most importantly, she makes really good food. I am most often impressed with how Rachel takes one meal and turns it into another. For example, one time she took a Sloppy Joe recipe and created a Manicotti Bake! Rachel has inspired me to turn a number of traditional recipes into pizza during my 52 Pizzas project. This week I took Rachael Ray’s Bacon, Lettuce and Fried Green Tomato Sliders (BLFGT Sliders) recipe and made it into a delicious pizza.

I varied Rachael’s recipe some, but kept the bacon, burger and fried green tomatoes consistent. Green tomatoes were in our food collective contents this week and I was excited to make fried green tomatoes. Following Rachael’s instructions for frying the tomatoes was pretty easy as were the instructions for the burger part. However, I cooked the meaty mixture in a pan rather than molding it into burger shapes. I mixed salsa with my favorite store bought marinara and spread it on the dough. Then I sprinkled on mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, loaded on the burger mix, fried green tomatoes and lastly the bacon. This pizza was definitely a success! The fried green tomatoes were delicious and Andrew and I have decided that bacon is one of our favorite toppings on pizza. All of the flavors together tasted fantastic, thanks Rachael!

#24: Moe’s Pizza Recipe 5/26/10

The credit for this delectable pizza goes to three people, none of which is me. Andrew’s boss Barry and his wife Chris threw a party for the student team which was crucial to the success of Imagine RIT 2010. Moe’s Southwest Grill catered the party and lucky for me, there were tons of leftovers. So my first shout out goes to Barry and Chris for the leftovers. Lindsay, an RIT student who tasted my Imagine RIT pizza, suggested to Andrew that I turn the leftovers into a Moe’s pizza, sheer genius. Thanks Lindsay!

To start, I spread some salsa mixed with marinara on the pizza dough, topped it with seasoned chicken, black beans, and jalapeño peppers. Now, I’ve only been to Moe’s one time but burned into my taste bud memory is the creamy and spicy flavor of Moe’s queso dip, yum! Andrew brought home what seemed like a bucket of this magical sauce, which I drizzled over the toppings and then wiped the drool from my chin. The pizza only took 12-15 minutes to bake, but it seemed like it took forever with all of my anticipation.

Joining us for this pizza was our good friend Steve, and the three of us tore into what was one of the most flavorful pizzas yet! The queso dip did not disappoint and was the star flavor of the pizza. My last shout out goes to Moe’s because this amazing pizza wouldn’t have been possible without you.