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Greens and Beans Pizza Recipe

Greens and Beans Pizza

Greens & beans is a healthy meal that is inexpensive and simple to prepare. I make my recipe as a soup a few times each winter and have been waiting for the right time to turn this comfort food into a pizza. It can be risky to take something that is already delicious and change it so that it works on a pizza. With my greens and beans pizza recipe I worried that it might be a bit dry, but it worked out great. Here’s how I put it together.

I started by breaking up spicy Italian sausage with a potato masher in large pan on medium-high heat. In a separate pan, I sauteed a chopped white onion and garlic. Then I added escarole so it would wilt. To finish the preparation of the greens and beans I added cannellini beans and the cooked sausage to the pan.

To create the pizza I put mozzarella cheese onto pre-baked dough and topped it with the greens and beans. Finally, I added a light sprinkle of parmesan cheese after I took it out of the oven. Next time I create this pizza I might try making it a vegan friendly pizza by leaving off the sausage and the cheese.


Cincinnati Skyline Chili Pizza Recipe

The romantic history of Cincinnati Skyline chili began in 1912 when immigrant Nicholas Lambrinides arrived in America from Greece. He worked in several kitchens and opened his own diner in order to earn enough money to bring his wife to Cincinnati. Lambrinides and three of his five son opened the first Skyline Chili restaurant in 1949 after he had mastered his secret chili recipe. After Lambrinides’ death, the family business was bought out by an investment firm, but the integrity of the chili recipe remains unchanged.

To help kick off my new project our friend Jeffrey flew in from Cincinnati, Ohio. Along with his contagious energy, Jeffrey brought with him two cans of Skyline chili all the way from its birth place. This chili is quite different from traditional chili because it includes chocolate and cinnamon. Skyline Chili is often used as a sauce over pasta or hot dogs. I have eaten it the traditional way and was really looking forward to creating a Cincinnati Skyline Chili pizza recipe.

For the pizza I made my traditional dough and sauteed a white onion. I spread the chili on the dough as I would sauce, sprinkled on cheddar cheese and topped that with the chopped onions. The aroma of the pizza while cooking was mouth watering! Before we dug in Jeffrey informed us of the proper way to eat Cincinnati chili. In his experience it was eaten on a hot dog and then topped with a mountain of cheddar cheese. So we sliced the pizza and loaded on even more cheese, nothing wrong with that! The Skyline Cincinnati pizza recipe turned out to be a success. It was delicious and the leftovers, well there weren’t any…

#9: Meatloaf Pizza Recipe 2/24/10

Meatloaf Pizza

My mom makes the best meatloaf! In college my roommate and I used to drive up from Geneseo just for meatloaf night. Of course, we enjoyed the company of my parents too. I made my mom’s meatloaf this past Sunday and there were plenty of leftovers. Normally I would just eat leftover meatloaf every night until it was gone because it’s just that good, but this week I decided to make meatloaf pizza.

It was difficult to figure out what type of sauce I should use with this one because marinara would be weird and what goes with meatloaf? I brushed the dough with canola oil, added mozzarella cheese and topped it with chopped meatloaf. It turned out to be a little dry but so good! You could really taste the flavors of the meatloaf and I will definitely use this recipe again next year.

#8 Macaroni and Cheese Pizza Recipe 2/14/10

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza

This pizza recipe came directly from Andrew’s stomach. I make homemade macaroni and cheese at least once a year and it is awesome! When we started thinking of meals that I could turn into pizzas Andrew suggested a Macaroni and Cheese Pizza. I guffawed the idea thinking it would be too carbo-licious. I even Googled it and found it on a list called The Ten Worst Pizzas, Andrew however was persistent. Valentine’s Day was coming up so I considered making it then. Andrew then reminded me that it was the fifth anniversary of being matched with his “little brother” and asked if we could have him over for dinner that night. I decided with the combination of both special days I would attempt the Macaroni and Cheese Pizza. I used my own recipe titled “The Best Macaroni and Cheese Ever”, minus the wine since Andrew’s brother is only 15. I made and slathered it over the pizza dough, topped it with a little extra cheddar cheese and hoped for the best. I really had my doubts on this one but I should have trusted Andrew’s instinct, it was amazingly good! Probably not the healthiest pizza, but I do use spelt flour for the crust and I used wheat macaroni. I will definitely use this pizza recipe again.

#1: Chicken Parmesan Pizza Recipe 1/3/10

Chicken Parmesan Pizza

My 52 pizza’s project got off to a tasty start today. A warm meal like chicken parmesan is a perfect during on cold winters day. Today, I used my mom’s chicken parmesan recipe, which I’ve only made one other time and turned it into a pizza. After making the dough, I put marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese down and topped it with the chopped up chicken parmesan. The chicken turned out to be a little dry because I cooked it too long, but overall the pizza was good.