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Dill Crusted, Pickled Cucumber and Beet Pizza Recipe

Dill Crusted, Pickled Cucumber and Beet Pizza


  • Pickled cucumbers (sliced, soaked in vinegar, sugar, and fresh dill)
  • Pickled golden beets
  • Homemade pizza sauce
  • Fresh parmesan and mozzarella cheeses
  • Homemade pizza dough with fresh dill and diced onions mixed in

Note: The beets and cucumbers tasted very sweet and complimented the onion, dill crust and cheeses very well. Dill crust is one of my favorite crust variations.


Broccoli, Beets and Parmesan Pizza Recipe

I have been looking forward to the week when our CSA, The Good Food Collective, would include fresh beets and broccoli in our weekly share because I have been super excited to recreate on of my favorite pizzas from last summer.

For this pizza I decided to replace mozzarella cheese with parmesan cheese and forgo spinach. I started by spreading on homemade pizza sauce, then  I sprinkled on fresh parmesan cheese. I steamed the broccoli, chopped it, then tossed in on the pizza. The key to this pizza is the preparation of the beets – one of my favorite summertime pizza ingredients. Here’s how I like to prepare them. First, roast the whole beets a toaster oven for about 30 minutes. Next, cut the beets into bite sized pieces. Finally, toss them with a little olive oil, salt and pepper before putting them on the pizza.

Let the pizza bake for about 10 minutes or until the cheese melted. Broccoli, beets and parmesan pizza is a summer delight!

# 48: Broccoli, Beet and Spinach Pizza Recipe 8/26/10

My Broccoli, Beet and Spinach pizza recipe was a hit. Not only did the colors of the red beets and green broccoli look beautiful together, the flavors complemented each other well!

Here’s how I put it together. I sliced and roasted the beets we received from our food collective this week. While those were roasting I steamed the broccoli. We buy bagged baby spinach so there was no prep needed for that ingredient. Again, I rolled the dough out super thin then I spread on marinara and sprinkled on the low-fat mozzarella cheese. Lastly, I loaded up the veggies. This pizza baked pretty quickly with the super thin crust and light sprinkling of cheese, and also tasted very healthy. While both pizzas of the night were delicious, my Broccoli, Beet and Spinach pizza recipe definitely was the favorite!

#38: Roast Beast Pizza Recipe 7/31/10

My father’s birthday was this week so today we had the family over to a little pizza party. He’s had a unique influence on my cooking style. As someone who believes, “the stranger the food the better,” (e.g. he taught me to make “Fart” soup), he has unknowingly inspired me to take risks and get creative with my cooking. And that I did.

This week we received beets and green beans in our food collective batch. Having discovered that beets on pizza taste great, we thought why not give green beans a try too? I roasted the beets and beans with canola oil, salt and pepper. I slathered the leftover horseradish spread on the dough and topped that with Swiss cheese. Then I tossed on sliced roast beef, the beets and lastly the green beans. I took a moment to assess whether or not this would be strange enough for my dad and decided it had to be. Well, he loved this recipe and seemed very proud of the lesson he has passed down to me, “The stranger the food the better.”

#32: Kale and Beets Pizza Recipe 7/21/10

Tonight we had two special guests over for dinner, my mom and step-dad, Jimmy. I am a little surprised that the first pizza of mine that my mom tasted was #32. And I’ll admit, I was a little nervous making pizza for her since she is my pizza guru. My mom was a farm girl, born and raised in the mid-west, and therefore loves veggies! With that in mind, I used some of this week’s GFC veggies to create a pizza recipe I hoped she would love.

I sliced and roasted beets with canola oil and salt. While the beets were roasting I sautéed red onion, garlic and kale, then steamed it a bit. My mom shared that she likes Fontina cheese, so I mixed Fontina and mozzarella cheeses, sprinkled that on a thin layer of sauce and topped it all with the veggie mixture. The moment of truth came as we sat down at the table. As most moms can, mine sensed my nervousness and dug in right away. She loved it! And it wasn’t that kind of love you fake when your kid makes something that really tastes like dirt. She’s not that kind of mom. She really loved my pizza! I now feel like an accomplished cook.