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Garlic Scape Pesto and Chard Pizza Recipe

One of my new favorite things about summer is our membership with The Good Food Collective. Each week we pick up a batch of fresh, local fruits and veggies. Usually there is a veggie we don’t typically cook with so this provides me with a fun challenge of trying new recipes and creating new pizzas.

Our first batch of the season included garlic scapes and chard. I learned about garlic scapes last year and tried a snack recipe with this curly green vegetable, which turned out to be delicious. But this year I wanted to try garlic scape pesto. The recipe was very similar to basil based pesto, using parmesan cheese, almonds, and olive oil. The recipe just calls for garlic scapes instead of basil. I blended these ingredients in a food processor, then spread the pesto on pre-baked dough, sprinkled on mozzarella cheese and added sauteed chard. The pizza baked for about 10 minutes and the aroma that escaped the oven while baking was mouthwatering!

The garlic scape pesto tasted different from basil based pesto, but it was still delicious! My garlic scape pesto and chard pizza was great start to our season of fresh and local veggies. I am really looking forward to incorporating other less common veggies into my pizzas in the weeks to come!


#28: The GFC Pizza Recipe 6/18/10

While enjoying the pizza of the week Andrew and I often critique the one we are eating and then discuss what we should have the following week. This gives me time to plan how I’ll prepare the pizza and get the ingredients. But this week was different because it was the first week of our participation in a community supported agriculture program offered through the Good Food Collective (GFC). Rather than planning my recipe in advance, I decided I would use whatever vegetables came from the local farms this week.

Andrew picked two bags full of goodies from the collective’s RIT distribution station. This week’s harvest included chard, mixed greens, garlic scapes, sweet peas, strawberries and sage. The GFC distribution guys gave Andrew a quick run down of how to cook the veggies, which he then reviewed with me. The chard, which I mistakenly thought was rhubarb, can be cooked like spinach using the entire stalk. Garlic scapes are something I have never seen before, but they intrigued me. They are long, thin and green and only smell like garlic when cut open. To cook them I cut them from the bulb, then chopped and sautéed as I would onions or “regular” garlic. I then added chopped chard and a small handful of crushed red pepper. To the dough I added mozzarella cheese, the chard sauté, and sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top. While the pizza was baking I cooked the sage leaves in a pan on medium low heat where they curled and released a lovely aroma. Once the pizza was finished I scattered the sage leaves on top.

The flavors from all the ingredients complemented each other so well. I enjoyed the challenge of preparing the pizza with ingredients I did not select; it was like I was on some reality cooking show. So, not only was the pizza delicious, it was visually appealing and it supported our local farmers. As you check back in the following weeks don’t be surprised if you seem me using more seasonal vegetables in my pizzas because the GFC runs through October!