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Kale, Turnip, Garlic Scape Pizza Recipe


Kale, Turnip, Garlic Scape Pizza


  • Chopped, sauteed kale
  • Minced, sauteed garlic scapes
  • Sliced, roasted turnips seasoned with salt and pepper
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Homemade pizza sauce
  • Homemade dough

All the toppings were locally grown and organic.


Kimchi Pizza Recipe

Kimchi Pizza

I have been looking forward to visiting my mom’s family in Indiana for quite some time. As I have mentioned before,  I come from a long line of great cooks, and have used my Uncle Al’s recipes on a few occasions. We spent the weekend at my Uncle Al and Aunt Dianna’s (along with my cousin Dawn) visiting with family, relaxing in the country and collaborating on pizzas. It was the first time I had cooked with my Uncle Al and hopefully not the last.

The night we arrived we were casually talking about Asian inspired food. Uncle Al described his favorite meal from a local restaurant, kimchi. Kimchi is a popular Korean dish consisting of various vegetables and spices. Uncle Al, being the do it yourself kind of guy he is, created his own kimchi recipe. As he described his creation I suggested we make a kimchi pizza. He loved the idea so much that it made the menu for the next night.

Kimchi is super healthy and loaded with veggies. Uncle Al’s kimchi recipe consists of Chinese cabbage, turnips, scallions, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, paprika, chili paste and salt. He jars it and keeps it on-hand for just this type of situation. To go along with the Kimchi Uncle Al mixed up an Asian BBQ sauce and marinated pork shoulder. He then grilled the pork and sliced it really thin. We pre-baked the dough, then spread on the Kimchi and topped that with the sliced pork. We let it bake and work some magic.

The aroma coming from the oven was heavenly but was nothing compared to the taste of the pizza. The spicy flavor of the Kimchi combined beautifully with the sweetness of the BBQ pork and the crust. This Kimchi pizza recipe was so much fun to make and even more fun to eat! Uncle Al was thrilled with the turn out and hopes to repeat this pizza again!