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Watermelon Pizza Recipe

Watermelon Pizza


  • Grilled watermelon
  • Asiago and mozzarella cheese
  • Balsamic reduction sauce
  • Homemade pizza dough made with fresh basil

Note: This week’s share from The Good Food Collective included so many fresh veggies that it was difficult to decide which to use on a pizza. So, I asked my Facebook followers for ideas. After seeing the picture of the choices a couple of friends suggested using the only fruit in the mix, watermelon! After hesitating a bit, I accepted the challenge. I added some fresh chopped basil to my usual dough recipe. Because I didn’t want the crust to be soggy, I only used a small amount of grilled watermelon to top the pizza. The balsamic reduction sauce was a first for my pizzas, but won’t be a last. All the flavors tasted great together. The basil in the crust was mild but noticeable. The balsamic sauce tasted wonderful with the cheeses. The watermelon held some of its sweet flavor and was delicious with the other ingredients. What I thought was a crazy idea turned out to be a fantastic pizza!


#39: Caprese Pizza Recipe 7/31/10

In addition to the Roast Beast pizza, I needed a light summer pizza that I knew my sisters and step-mom Carol would enjoy. Because my dad and Carol have a great garden at their house Carol often makes Caprese salad with fresh tomatoes and basil so I figured she would like it as a pizza. She kindly donated fresh basil and then I recruited her to assemble the pizza for me. In addition to the basil she added sliced tomato, mozzarella cheese and a spritz of oil. Carol is an excellent sous chef and the pizza was delicious!