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#32: Kale and Beets Pizza Recipe 7/21/10

Tonight we had two special guests over for dinner, my mom and step-dad, Jimmy. I am a little surprised that the first pizza of mine that my mom tasted was #32. And I’ll admit, I was a little nervous making pizza for her since she is my pizza guru. My mom was a farm girl, born and raised in the mid-west, and therefore loves veggies! With that in mind, I used some of this week’s GFC veggies to create a pizza recipe I hoped she would love.

I sliced and roasted beets with canola oil and salt. While the beets were roasting I sautéed red onion, garlic and kale, then steamed it a bit. My mom shared that she likes Fontina cheese, so I mixed Fontina and mozzarella cheeses, sprinkled that on a thin layer of sauce and topped it all with the veggie mixture. The moment of truth came as we sat down at the table. As most moms can, mine sensed my nervousness and dug in right away. She loved it! And it wasn’t that kind of love you fake when your kid makes something that really tastes like dirt. She’s not that kind of mom. She really loved my pizza! I now feel like an accomplished cook.


#20: Imagine RIT Pizza Recipe 4/30/10

Imagine RIT Pizza

Tonight Andrew is doing the final planning for Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival which will be held at Rochester Institute of Technology, Saturday May 1 from 10:00am-5:00pm. As he and several of his right-hand men/women are getting prepped for tomorrow, I was inspired create an Imagine RIT pizza recipe. To represent the colors of the Imagine RIT logo I used white mozzarella cheese, yellow and orange peppers sliced in roundish pieces, and red pepperoni. I then attempted to lay out the toppings in a similar fashion as the logo. This was slightly challenging due to the shape and texture of the toppings, but I think it looks pretty good compared to the image. I’m sure that Andrew and his comrades are in need of a delicious dinner break so I’m off to deliver this Imagine RIT pizza to campus. I hope to see you at the festival!

#19: The Giant Taco Pizza Recipe 4/24/10

Giant Taco Pizza

When I was young I loved eating tacos topped with ketchup. As an adult I have discovered many other delicious Mexican recipes and I honestly can’t remember the last time I ate a regular taco. It has been a few weeks since I’ve made a “favorite meal” pizza, so tonight, taco pizza it is. There was a batch of cornmeal dough leftover from the deep-dish pizza, which is similar to the corn tortilla shells of my childhood tacos. On the dough, I slathered refried beans and layered seasoned and sautéed ground turkey and onions. As an adult, I realize how gross ketchup on tacos sounds, so for a sauce I used a mixture of Prego and salsa. I topped this giant taco with Mexican cheese and black olives. This taco pizza was piled high with great tasting toppings. It was hands-down the best taco I’ve ever eaten.

#18: Shroom and Zuke Pizza Recipe 4/19/10

Mushroom and Zuke Pizza

Spring break, woo hoo!!! I’m spending it by taking care of appointments, visiting with friends and making pizza. Tonight my friend Amber came over to catch up and be my guinea pig for a pizza Andrew wouldn’t touch. Andrew hates mushrooms so I haven’t had the chance to use them as a topping, and having never cooked mushrooms I was really looking forward to trying it. Luckily, Amber said she loves them so they are a key ingredient of tonight’s pizza recipe. I sliced the shrooms and two small zucchinis, then sautéed them with oil and garlic. The topping combo was placed on top of marinara sauce and the fresh mozzarella cheese I used over the weekend. My first attempt to cook mushrooms was a success, this pizza tasted great! Amber seemed to enjoy the pizza as well. I offered to send her home with leftovers but was not offended when she declined because that means I will get to enjoy this pizza again tomorrow!

#15: Big Blue Pizza Recipe 4/1/10

Big Blue Pizza

Continuing to branch out in my cheese selection, this week I took on blue cheese, the pungent cheese. Blue cheese is one of the few cheeses that Andrew does not like so I called on my friend Nicole to be my pizza guinea pig this week.

I did a little research on blue cheese and discovered there are many varieties, way more than I was aware of. The money saving cheese guy from Wegmans helped me pick out a tasty and affordable buttermilk blue cheese. This Wisconsin cheese is a three-time 1st place winner at the Wisconsin State Fair and two-time 3rd place winner at the World Dairy Expo so it must be good. I was feeling really adventurous this week and also included caramelized onions in this recipe. The onions didn’t get to the point of caramelizing, I wasn’t patient enough, but they did turn out quite good. Also included; a light sprinkling of mozzarella cheese, sautéed Granny Smith apple and baby spinach. The last topping to go on the pizza was the blue cheese.

After a few minutes in the oven, the pungent aroma quickly filled the kitchen and it was all you could smell once it was on the table. When I bit into a slice I could taste the other toppings, however the blue cheese was definitely the dominating flavor. The next time I use a strong cheese I will be sure to ease up on the quantity because a little goes such a long way, while a lot was way too much! Nicole, being such a supportive friend, took on the pungent pizza and said it was great! That’s true friendship!

#14: The Quagliata Pizza Recipe 3/27/10

The Quagliata Pizza

I am so grateful to my husband for coming up with the idea for “52 Pizzas.” He is brilliant. The pizzas keep getting better and better and I am having such a great time trying new combinations of foods. Most of my pizzas to date have included mozzarella, cheddar or parmesan cheese, but this week I wanted to branch out in my cheese selection. Andrew loves, LOVES Brie. I read somewhere about combining Brie and capicola, a meat I never had before, but thought it sounded interesting. Andrew explained to me what capicola is, that got my wheels turning. Two additional toppings came to mind; olives and garlic. We usually eat olives out of a can but this time I went all out and bought olives in a jar! Well worth it. It has taken me many years to develop a taste for olives so Andrew noted my response when sampling them, “Holy crap, these are good.” I bought hot capicola, an excellent choice. We usually buy President Brie, but the cheese guy at Wegmans suggested their own Brie, another excellent choice and it saved me a dollar.

For this creation I roasted a garlic bulb, mashed it with olive oil and spread it on the pizza dough. I sliced the olives, capicola, Brie, and tossed it all on the dough. We weren’t sure how the Brie would melt, and in retrospect it should have been sliced much thinner because it didn’t spread as much as I would have liked it to.

Now it may not make for the prettiest picture, but “The Quagliata” may be my favorite pizza yet. It was outstanding! This pizza recipe is named after my father-in-law, Terry Quagliata, for his love of all the ingredients used. This pizza was so good that Andrew delivered the last couple of slices to his dad so he could enjoy his namesake. Terry just called and gave me his seal of approval!

#12: Sloppy Joe Pizza Recipe 3/13/10

Sloppy Joe Pizza

When I hear Sloppy Joe’s I immediately think of the movie Billy Madison and elementary school Sloppy Joe’s. It seems like they get a bad rap, but I think deep down we all secretly liked the messy sandwiches. Andrew never ate a school Sloppy Joe so he doesn’t have the same memories. He used to make them in his early twenties, except rather than the meaty mess I remember he used a vegetarian mix he found in Nature’s Market at Wegmans. He had a craving for them this week so I got past the nasty image of them being served up to Billy Madison at lunch time, and after Andrew sang a few rounds of “Sloppy Joe’s, Slop, Sloppy Joe’s” I agreed to try them once again. I followed the mix recipe and also added some chopped onions. The sandwiches turned out pretty good, definitely better than I remember. In the midst of chewing I had the idea for a Sloppy Joe pizza. Andrew was so excited he would have another chance to sing his song this weekend. The leftovers were enough to spread a thick layer over the pizza dough. I topped it with shredded sharp cheddar cheese. After baking, the pizza looked like a pretty typical pizza but it tasted like the best Sloppy Joe EVER! We will definitely be singing again in the future: “Sloppy Joe’s, Slop, Sloppy Joe’s”!