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#24: Moe’s Pizza Recipe 5/26/10

The credit for this delectable pizza goes to three people, none of which is me. Andrew’s boss Barry and his wife Chris threw a party for the student team which was crucial to the success of Imagine RIT 2010. Moe’s Southwest Grill catered the party and lucky for me, there were tons of leftovers. So my first shout out goes to Barry and Chris for the leftovers. Lindsay, an RIT student who tasted my Imagine RIT pizza, suggested to Andrew that I turn the leftovers into a Moe’s pizza, sheer genius. Thanks Lindsay!

To start, I spread some salsa mixed with marinara on the pizza dough, topped it with seasoned chicken, black beans, and jalapeño peppers. Now, I’ve only been to Moe’s one time but burned into my taste bud memory is the creamy and spicy flavor of Moe’s queso dip, yum! Andrew brought home what seemed like a bucket of this magical sauce, which I drizzled over the toppings and then wiped the drool from my chin. The pizza only took 12-15 minutes to bake, but it seemed like it took forever with all of my anticipation.

Joining us for this pizza was our good friend Steve, and the three of us tore into what was one of the most flavorful pizzas yet! The queso dip did not disappoint and was the star flavor of the pizza. My last shout out goes to Moe’s because this amazing pizza wouldn’t have been possible without you.