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# 48: Broccoli, Beet and Spinach Pizza Recipe 8/26/10

My Broccoli, Beet and Spinach pizza recipe was a hit. Not only did the colors of the red beets and green broccoli look beautiful together, the flavors complemented each other well!

Here’s how I put it together. I sliced and roasted the beets we received from our food collective this week. While those were roasting I steamed the broccoli. We buy bagged baby spinach so there was no prep needed for that ingredient. Again, I rolled the dough out super thin then I spread on marinara and sprinkled on the low-fat mozzarella cheese. Lastly, I loaded up the veggies. This pizza baked pretty quickly with the super thin crust and light sprinkling of cheese, and also tasted very healthy. While both pizzas of the night were delicious, my Broccoli, Beet and Spinach pizza recipe definitely was the favorite!


#47: Mushroom, Tomato and Onion Pizza Recipe 8/26/10

Tonight we had two special guests over for dinner, Andrew’s boss Barry and his wife Chris. Barry and Chris are very health conscious so I put together a healthy plan for two pizzas. The first being my Mushroom, Tomato and Onion pizza recipe.

Typically, I roll my pizza dough very thin but I managed to get the dough super thin on this pizza. I spread on marinara, tossed on low-fat mozzarella cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms. Then I finished it off with cherry tomatoes from my mom’s garden. The pizza turned out delicious, but check out my pizza #48 to learn about the winning pizza recipe of the night.

#44: Summer Veggie Pizza Recipe 8/20/10

In addition to preparing a special pizza for my Uncle Oak I prepared a pizza recipe with my Aunt Bevy in mind. Bev loves fresh vegetables so I decided to create a summer veggie pizza recipe that would be light and fresh.

My mom brought cherry tomatoes and basil from her garden. I sautéed baby portabellas and scallions in a pan with canola oil. After I spread on a thin layer of marinara I sprinkled on freshly shredded Fontina cheese and then the toppings.  Rather than use the pizza stone, I prepared the summer veggie pizza recipe to bake on a metal pan, which resulted in a light and fluffy crust. This pizza was delicious and tasted very fresh and healthy.

#43: The Heart Attack Pizza Recipe 8/20/10

All of our guests that have come for pizza have been special guests. But this weeks guests came all the way from Down Under! My Aunt Bev and Uncle Oak are visiting from Australia. They are staying with my parents and I was really looking forward to having them over for pizza. As much as they hate to admit it, Oak and my step-dad Jimmy are like twins. They both love golf, they both love scotch and they both love meat. In planning for their visit I created a new meat lovers pizza recipe: The Heart Attack!

Jim had clearly been disappointed with the lack of spice on the Chorizo pizza I made for him, so tonight I pulled out the big guns. This pizza recipe calls for three meats we had tried before; pepperoni, hot Italian sausage and hot Capicola. And because I love the men in my life, I added Kalamata olives in an attempt to slow their heart attacks. I spread these ingredients atop marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. This pizza was fantastic! Capicola is such a great topping on pizza and it goes so well with the olives. And luckily there were no heart attacks at dinner, just full bellies.

#36: Horseradish Squash Pizza Recipe 7/28/10

I have started to make more than one pizza when we have company so in addition to the Cheeseburger pizza I prepared the Horseradish Squash pizza. While picking up pickles for the Cheeseburger pizza we found a jar of garlic horseradish spread that was calling our names.

I spread that on the dough, topped it with mozzarella and Fontina cheeses and some sliced summer squash. The sweet and spicy aroma from this pizza quickly filled the kitchen and stoked our hunger.  While eating this pizza, the spice from the horseradish caught me off guard on a couple of bites, but I kept going back for more because it tasted so great!

#34: Bacon Cheeseburger with Fried Green Tomatoes Pizza Recipe 7/25/10

Rachel Ray is one of my most significant cooking influences. She seems down to earth, she makes mistakes and laughs about them, and most importantly, she makes really good food. I am most often impressed with how Rachel takes one meal and turns it into another. For example, one time she took a Sloppy Joe recipe and created a Manicotti Bake! Rachel has inspired me to turn a number of traditional recipes into pizza during my 52 Pizzas project. This week I took Rachael Ray’s Bacon, Lettuce and Fried Green Tomato Sliders (BLFGT Sliders) recipe and made it into a delicious pizza.

I varied Rachael’s recipe some, but kept the bacon, burger and fried green tomatoes consistent. Green tomatoes were in our food collective contents this week and I was excited to make fried green tomatoes. Following Rachael’s instructions for frying the tomatoes was pretty easy as were the instructions for the burger part. However, I cooked the meaty mixture in a pan rather than molding it into burger shapes. I mixed salsa with my favorite store bought marinara and spread it on the dough. Then I sprinkled on mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, loaded on the burger mix, fried green tomatoes and lastly the bacon. This pizza was definitely a success! The fried green tomatoes were delicious and Andrew and I have decided that bacon is one of our favorite toppings on pizza. All of the flavors together tasted fantastic, thanks Rachael!

#32: Kale and Beets Pizza Recipe 7/21/10

Tonight we had two special guests over for dinner, my mom and step-dad, Jimmy. I am a little surprised that the first pizza of mine that my mom tasted was #32. And I’ll admit, I was a little nervous making pizza for her since she is my pizza guru. My mom was a farm girl, born and raised in the mid-west, and therefore loves veggies! With that in mind, I used some of this week’s GFC veggies to create a pizza recipe I hoped she would love.

I sliced and roasted beets with canola oil and salt. While the beets were roasting I sautéed red onion, garlic and kale, then steamed it a bit. My mom shared that she likes Fontina cheese, so I mixed Fontina and mozzarella cheeses, sprinkled that on a thin layer of sauce and topped it all with the veggie mixture. The moment of truth came as we sat down at the table. As most moms can, mine sensed my nervousness and dug in right away. She loved it! And it wasn’t that kind of love you fake when your kid makes something that really tastes like dirt. She’s not that kind of mom. She really loved my pizza! I now feel like an accomplished cook.