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#17: Deep Dish Pizza Recipe 4/17/10

Deep Dish Pizza

Andrew and I have been looking forward to this pizza for quite some time. The only deep-dish pizza I have had is from Uno Chicago Grill and I love it. This week’s pizza recipe brought three new adventures to my kitchen: including cornmeal in the dough, learning about broccoli rabe, and finally using a fresh mozzarella cheese.

For the dough I substituted one cup of cornmeal for one cup of flour, but after mixing it for a few minutes I realized it was too soupy. I added ½ cup more flour and the dough turned out just right. Broccoli has been on two pizzas this year, but for this pizza I purchased broccoli rabe for the first time. The trunks are much thinner and it is quite leafy. Without conferring with the cheese guy Wegmans, I chose Bel Gioioso mozzarella cheese. I then picked up garlic, onion and the Italian sausage Andrew requested be included in the toppings.

After assembling the ingredients in a cake pan, the pizza took about 30 minutes to cook. The crust was thick and softer than the thin crust we are accustomed to. The addition of cornmeal resulted in a cornbread like flavor. The broccoli cooked nicely. The mozzarella was rich and creamy. All together, the pizza was deep and delicious!



#15: Big Blue Pizza Recipe 4/1/10

Big Blue Pizza

Continuing to branch out in my cheese selection, this week I took on blue cheese, the pungent cheese. Blue cheese is one of the few cheeses that Andrew does not like so I called on my friend Nicole to be my pizza guinea pig this week.

I did a little research on blue cheese and discovered there are many varieties, way more than I was aware of. The money saving cheese guy from Wegmans helped me pick out a tasty and affordable buttermilk blue cheese. This Wisconsin cheese is a three-time 1st place winner at the Wisconsin State Fair and two-time 3rd place winner at the World Dairy Expo so it must be good. I was feeling really adventurous this week and also included caramelized onions in this recipe. The onions didn’t get to the point of caramelizing, I wasn’t patient enough, but they did turn out quite good. Also included; a light sprinkling of mozzarella cheese, sautéed Granny Smith apple and baby spinach. The last topping to go on the pizza was the blue cheese.

After a few minutes in the oven, the pungent aroma quickly filled the kitchen and it was all you could smell once it was on the table. When I bit into a slice I could taste the other toppings, however the blue cheese was definitely the dominating flavor. The next time I use a strong cheese I will be sure to ease up on the quantity because a little goes such a long way, while a lot was way too much! Nicole, being such a supportive friend, took on the pungent pizza and said it was great! That’s true friendship!

#12: Sloppy Joe Pizza Recipe 3/13/10

Sloppy Joe Pizza

When I hear Sloppy Joe’s I immediately think of the movie Billy Madison and elementary school Sloppy Joe’s. It seems like they get a bad rap, but I think deep down we all secretly liked the messy sandwiches. Andrew never ate a school Sloppy Joe so he doesn’t have the same memories. He used to make them in his early twenties, except rather than the meaty mess I remember he used a vegetarian mix he found in Nature’s Market at Wegmans. He had a craving for them this week so I got past the nasty image of them being served up to Billy Madison at lunch time, and after Andrew sang a few rounds of “Sloppy Joe’s, Slop, Sloppy Joe’s” I agreed to try them once again. I followed the mix recipe and also added some chopped onions. The sandwiches turned out pretty good, definitely better than I remember. In the midst of chewing I had the idea for a Sloppy Joe pizza. Andrew was so excited he would have another chance to sing his song this weekend. The leftovers were enough to spread a thick layer over the pizza dough. I topped it with shredded sharp cheddar cheese. After baking, the pizza looked like a pretty typical pizza but it tasted like the best Sloppy Joe EVER! We will definitely be singing again in the future: “Sloppy Joe’s, Slop, Sloppy Joe’s”!

#11: Loaded Potato Pizza Recipe 3/6/10

Loaded Potato Pizza

Potatoes and pizza never would have crossed my mind. This recipe came from Andrew’s idea to turn our favorite meals into pizza. A simple dish I enjoy making is  roasted red potatoes topped with the typical potato toppings so I tried turning it into a pizza tonight. I sliced the potatoes very thin and roasted them with Wegmans Basting Oil with Garlic and Herbs. I brushed the dough with the same basting oil, added scallions, Colby cheese, chopped broccoli, mild Italian sausage and the potatoes.  We both really enjoyed it!